Spreading Financial Awareness and Financial Education Among Women


Welcome to Ms. Financial Literacy. Ms. Financial Literacy is a digital space (initially) created to spread financial awareness and financial education among women through the contents and messages I’m sharing. To fully embrace the blog name, I’m inviting you to share your story, too. If you have (or you know someone who has) an inspiring financial story to share, get in contact with me and let’s chat. I’d love to feature your stories here, too.

It’s my hope that one day every woman can take pride in a sense of freedom, satisfaction, fulfillment and empowerment that come with being financially competentThrough the pursuit of financial clarity, financial wisdom and financial confidence, I hope you’ll be inspired, empowered and encouraged to begin taking charge of your personal finances.

If you’re a male reading this, you’re either a grandfather, father, uncle, brother or friend. I strongly encourage you to share this blog with the females in your life, whether she’s your wife, daughter, granddaughter, mother, grandmother, friend or co-worker. Not convinced or don’t know where to start? Please give me the chance and read the following blog posts before you dismiss my effort.

The Beginning: My Transformative Moment and Pursuing Financial Clarify, Financial Wisdom and Financial Confidence

A Woman’s Financial Responsibilities in Her Household: Part I

A Woman’s Financial Responsibilities in Her Household: Part II

If you’re a female reading this, I invite you to join me on this financial journey learning the financial language, find out what’s financially possible for you and encourage those you care about to do the same. Likewise, I encourage you to read the 3 blog posts above, and if you don’t know how or where to begin, continue on to read the following:

Girlfriend to Girlfriend Money Chat: The Challenge and My Vision

10 Strategies Getting Friends Onboard Talking about Personal Finance

Putting Women’s Financial Independence at the Forefront of Advocacy and Philanthropic Work

Women Can Participate in the Stock Market with Confidence, Too

Not ready to peruse through the blog? I invite you to check out my recommended reading list, where I listed books and other resources that have changed my life for the better. I’m confident those books will do the same for you. Give them a try.

This is just the beginning. I’m very excited with the messages and contents I bring to this blog. I’ve a grand vision—spreading financial awareness and financial literacy among women across the globe. In order to do so, I need to get other women onboard talking about money. Unfortunately, money is not something we naturally feel comfortable talking about, even with those we’re close to, as I discussed on the Girlfriend to Girlfriend Money Chat articles. While being open about my own financial journey, I hope my blog can also serve as a safe and inspiring space for you to share your stories, too.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to read this message. Let’s connect soon! 



Embark on a journey learning the financial language, find out what's financially possible for you and become a champion managing your finances!

Spread the message. Encourage others to begin their financial learning!