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November 2017 Non-W2 Incomes Report

Our Services in the Community (also available to you)

November was a very rewarding and joyful month in my household. My husband and I started the month off offering free financial and fitness coaching services. In the spirit of the holiday season, this is our way of giving and expressing our thanks to those we care about and to you, readers of our blogs (I’m linking my husband’s blog here; He recently shared quarterly update on our total net worth on his blog).

There’re two more weeks left if you’d like my husband (and/or I) to take a look at your current financial situation and provide you a roadmap helping you reach your financial goals in year 2018 and beyond. To learn more about this offer, visit an older post here. We’ve already gifted about 50 hours of time so far between the two of us.

november income

On the topic of services, my husband and I have also attended several orientation sessions in preparation to do more volunteering related to financial education and financial literacy in the upcoming year. Some of the organizations we are networking with are Junior Achievement and Caritas (an organization to prevent and end homelessness).

Some Life Updates

In the month of November, in addition to celebrating Thanksgiving with family and friends, we also did a lot of baking and cooking as a family. We tried many new recipes of pies, casseroles, quiche and roasting nuts. We also used the slow-cooker to make various soups that involved butternut squash, lentils, kale, and white beans.

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Last month, we also made some progress with our home improvement projects. We decided on the flooring we want to put for the upstairs and downstairs (except the kitchen). Paint colors for the entire interior were also chosen. The next step is to get rid of the existing flooring in the upstairs. The goal is to have the master bedroom (including master closet) and office flooring installed before the new year.

You can view more of our day-to-day on my Instagram here. In year 2018, I want to post one picture a day on this account.

November 2017 Non-W2 Incomes Report

november income report

This is the 12th month we’ve been tracking our non-W2 incomes. You can view our past income reports here.

We use Personal Capital, a free financial tool, to track our net worth, view our investment performance, analyze our asset allocations and project and reevaluate our retirement goals. I wrote a comprehensive review of Personal Capital in another post. I encourage you to check it out. According to Google Analytics, that post is a readers favorites. I plan to do an update on this financial tool and share more recent images on the blog sometime soon. Look out for that, too.

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